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First Time Motherly Talk

We are fortunate to be blessed by God a month right after we got married. We are among those who are very lucky and did not wait too long to have a precious gift. Many couple waited for three months, some even one or thre years, worst, longer than three. It is perhaps not their time yet to rear a child, just pray and soon they’ll have it. Like we did!

I prayed for this, we prayed to have this, we are already at our right age and additionally, a month after our wedding, my husband flew to Dubai for work, so we prayed that hopefully God grant us our wish, and again, He never failed us.

On the first day of my menstruation delay, I felt so excited to do the pregnancy test, I was nervous at the same time, and my nervousness turned to happiness when I saw two red lines in the PT tool, I happily told the good news to my husband and he felt the same way. And so yesterday August 25, 2011 was my third maternity check up at Manila Adventist Medical Center by Dra. Cocos. My ultrasound, my first baby, and my first time to be ultrasound 🙂 didn’t know that it was that way. Dr. Licup conveyed and interpreted to his assistant what he sees in the monitor and eventually, he turned the monitor facing me and showed me my baby’s heart beating, I was so happy seeing my baby’s heart beating fast, I felt an incomaparable happiness, my smile was different 🙂 was so happy then.

pregnancy ultrasound at 8 weeks and 1/7

my ultrasound result – 8 1/7

I realized now how happy it is indeed to be a mother, from discovering that you are pregnant to your check up, to your first ultrasound – I have yet to undergo more of a motherhood stage as my tummy is growing bigger, more excitement and happiness, can’t wait!

Thank you God for keeping us both healthy and for taking care of us and my husband as well, no matter how far he is, I can feel his happiness and excitement as a dad too. Thanks thanks God! I owe a lot to you, my return – to be a good follower of you 🙂

Till then,