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Time of Her Life

After a Dive of Life, this time of her life came up my mind. Time of life of a girl whom I knew for long and been struggling to make changes, to change her insensitivity and yet things are just complicated that she wasn’t able to avoid being irational and insensitive. A girl who is very close to me, I grew up as if I am her sister.

She is a very kind-hearted woman who never wanted hurting somebody around, instead of making arguments of things she knew is right, she kept on silence and you won’t hear any words uttering from her mouth. She strived hard not only for herself but also for her family, she reaped what she sowed now. She has many friends around and never had enemies because she wanted really is peace in her heart. She easily could feel guilt when she knows she had done something unlikely to someone, and right away will ask sorry to that person, although it’s not a deadly sin.

She endured so much in her life, been carrying the cross for long time, and that cross had not been lifted up from her shoulder – it still has some weight on her to carry. But she is hopeful that soon, with the help of those people around her, like me, she will soon lighten the cross she is carrying.

I’ve never seen her lately, she’s been busy and I wanted to reach out to her, ask her how she’s been doing. I want to give her my herstyler curler, since she has a curly hair and would always wanted to straighten or style it. I am no longer using it, a thing I want to bequeath to my bestfriend. I miss you so much.

Till then,