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Kabayo – Lola’s Pamana

Filipinos are fond of treasuring things bequeathed by anyone especially by the mother, father, grandfather, grandmother and any member of the family. No single amount can match the sentimental value of the things left, be it jewelry, house and lot or antique collections.

Although my lola was born in a very simple family, who strived hard to earn a living, she was able to bequeathed us some of the things she used when she was alive. Some of those are the flat iron – the old-fashioned one, which is being warmed by a hot charcoal inside the flat iron, no controls, you need to use banana leaves so as not to ruin your clothes. Another one is the partner of the flat iron, the wooden ironing board, one of the best ironing boards we’ve ever had. It almost gives up, but we managed not, we are still utilizing it, the heavy, wooden and treasured ironing board, the kabayo as we call it here in the Philippines, our lola’s pamana, which I believe will be left to the next generation too.

We were not bequeathed by house and lot because our lola was just a simple person living through peddling, but we were happy that in her ways, we were raised like this, she eked something in our lives and in our heart, she made us think of our future better, she guided us how to achieve our dreams and be the best we can be. I still remember when my lola accompanied me when I competed in Tiaong Elementary School during the Linggo ng Wika, I vied in talumpati (oration), and I brought home a silver medal and my school’s pride, I was the second place among the almost twenty school participants. I saw how happy my lola and my inay were, they kissed me for bringing home another pride. This may not seem to be a very heavy competition, but for a sixth grade elementary student, this would mean a lot.

She’s five years gone and far away now, she’s with our Creator and watching over us. Wherever she is, I want to express my deepest gratitude and my love to her. You are always remembered Nanay Ganda. You will forever remain in our heart. We love you and miss you so much!

Till then,