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What’s Unique in ACS

ACS – Affiliated Computer Services, one of the leading BPO companies here in the Philippines. And I am proud that it is part most of my time, it occupies me more than eight hours a day, five days a week. I feel lucky to be employed here as a Senior Accountant, others may not, but this depends on the satisfaction and the knowledge gain in return, plus the people abroad I encounter and work with. That’s unique.

What most unique is that, we documented our own processes,through DTP or Desktop Procedure Every click of the mouse on your computer, every step you take in making your deliverables should be stipulated in the document, and not only that it is called a procedure, it has its own template too. Not only through written documentation but also through speaking, I mean, webex recording. What you put into writing will be discussed and shown in recording. There will be another party who will ask the process owner a series of question regarding the process documented and recorded.

Fortunately, we’ve done this at an earliest time possible, we were busy for a week or so doing the DTP or documenting our processes and recording it a week after. Recording as I’ve said, is done through webex, it’s like a conference calling services, wherein the interviewer and the process owner will have to dial a number and record the process, showing the screen and the process being discussed. Unique I believe. So should one employee decides to leave ACS the next day, the team lead will no longer have to worry as to who will do the turn over, because the process left, is properly documented and recorded, but of course, doing so is not permitted, a big no no to any company. An employee has and need to render 30days notice before leaving the company, it’s a must!

So in your company, what’s so unique?

Till then,