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The Hard-headed

I had my long weekend vacation at home in Tiaong Quezon. I went home on a Sunday morning, shun travelling at night to avoid any risk in my condition. After three weeks,  I was at home, spending time with my family. A bit bored though, I laid my back on the sofa set, watched tv. I thought of reading the Entrepreneur mag I brought ( I really was planning to read it at home ), but I felt so lazy to do so, I only finished reading 2 pages of August issue.

I played with my 4 month old niece too, a kind baby. I just hope my brothers and my father are like my niece who is nice but they’re too stubborn, hard-headed. Many times I told them to stop smoking, but still, I’ve seen them puffing sticks while watching tv, relaxing and after eating. My words are not so powerful to cause them stop. I thought of giving them the e cigarette so they can little by little learn to quit smoking and avoid the bad health effect of it. I saw e-cigatette stands nearby and soon one day, I’ll be standing in front of it and purchase three for my brothers and father. I am yet lucky my husband does not smoke now, he managed to quit! Thanks bhe, love you much!

Till then,