Who’s Your Bet?

On September 13, 2011 – Tuesday, the most awaited coronation night of the Ms. Universe 2011 beauty pageant will happen in Sao, Paolo Brazil. And who’s your bet then?

As I have mentioned in one of my posts, there will be eighty-nine lovely candidates from different county that will vie for a Ms. Universe 2011 title. I am sure, of course one of your bets will be our own country’s representative. We’re all praying that hopefully, Ms. Shamcey Supsup makes it to be the third Filipina who will get the title, next to Ms. Gloria Diaz (1969) and Ms. Margie Moran (1973). Acknowledging also the pride brought by Venus Raj for winning the top 5 during last year’s (2010) pageant.

I love watching this kind of competition, a competition wherein our country has a representative, the sense of pride is  there, from calling the name of Philippines, ramping wand walking in the stage, what more happiness and pride should our representative wins! Let’s all keep on praying, that hopefully, this year will be the Philippines year in Ms. Universe. Good luck Shamcey, we are all here praying for you.

Till then,