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Business Plan Making

One of the toughest part of taking an MBA or even during college days is making a school paper or requirement; case analysis, marketing plan, feasibility studies and business plan to name a few. I have taken the first three when I was in college, and the latter, this kept us busy and occupied, doing the business plan as one of the requirements in DNE or Developing New  Enterprise course subject, under of course Mr. Ernesto Apodaca. He had given us the pattern, the chronological order of parts to be discussed in the plan. Making it easier for us to finish, but of course, it is not that easy I think, because he often returned the finished paper we submitted to him, so another time to spend revising the business plan we made. Another bond paper to consume, ink to use, and how I wish we have our own laser printers so we can quickly print everything that needs to be reprinted. Additional investment that has to be saved for.

This is the last, business plan, and hopefully, we will not be resubmitting it like others. One Saturday and the term for our batch is over, we will prepare for a tougher, the written comprehensive exam and oral defense. It’s barely one ot two months to prepare, hopefully we all can make it, with His help. All the best and good luck classmates!

Till then,