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Sir Sammy Luces – One of Our High School Teachers Cited as One of the 2011 Most Outstanding Filipinos

It was 1998 when we were mentored by our Physics teacher. We were doing various experiments to further enhance our understanding and learning of Physics. Thanks to Mr. Sam Luces for sharing his knowledge to us. He unselfishly and untiringly shared what he knew then, and continuously sharing it until now. Not only Sir Luces, but the entire teachers of Lusacan National High School where I came from.

Sir Luces vehemence and passion in teaching was paid of, he was among those rare Filipinos cited and awarded as the Outstanding Filipino, Outstanding Teacher I must say. He went to Malacanang to receive the award recognizing his exemplar in public service, an award personally handed by our President Noynoy Aquino.

Here are the photos, pardon Sir Sam for not asking your permission posting this 🙂 Photos grabbed from his facebook account, taken by Mr. Chito Cleofas

Sir Sam Luces

Sir Sam Luces

Sir Sam Luces

2011 Most Outstanding Filipinos

Congratulations Sir Luces – this is a great pride and honor for you and everyone of us who personally know you. We are all happy for this achievement of yours! Keep up the good work and serving us students. Likewise we are proud to all the LNHS teachers, thank you all for teaching us sharing your knowledge. We will not be who we are today without your help. God bless you all and more power!

Till then,