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Me Wants to Witness Korea Electronics Show

I have never been to Korea for a leisure nor a business trip, but would like to visit it one of these days. One my classmates had been there with her officemates and I was envious then seeing how lovely Korea is.

Not only this is the reason why I would love to go to Korea, it’s because KES 2011 is coming soon! KES 2011 is about Korea Electronics Sjow, KES, Smart Korea. I am fond of attending various shows that I know will benefit me, and this one of course will do benefit not only me but all of us (you might wanna check on it and joing the show too!)

KES 2011 is Coming Soon!

 BE SMART! Now 🙂 BE Smart is the KES or the Korea Electronics Show’s (42nd) motto which will begin this October. Who wouldn’t want to be called smart, or who wouldn’t want to be smart, we all wanted right? So why not book your flight, pack your bags and visit this KES which will begin on 12th to 15th of October 2011. KES will once again showcase the IT icon of the nation. And mark this year, the show is expectred to emphasize the convergence between software and hardware, question such as, how will software meet hardware to brighten up the IT industry as well as improving the quality of our lives? You can get the answer at KES 2011.

I certainly agree, when software meets hardware, it brings out the best IT in us, it makes us SMART, but will make you even smarter when you witness the KES 2011 where Korea IT TImes, Electronics Extravaganza in KES (Aug. 22nd, 2011).


Visit the Korea’s Biggest Electronics Show!

Date : Oct. 12, 2011 ~ Oct. 15, 2011

Venue : KINTEX, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Sponsored by : Ministry of Knowledge Economy of Korea,

Gyeonggi Province

Organized by : Korea Electronics Association,

Registration :


KES will not only be holding a huge electronics expo but also various conferences and talks on future government policies regarding IT and various government ministries. Of course these woll provide insights into how companies can develop their prodcuts in the future as well, allowing them to be creative, create more and better IT solutions.

Not only those government ministries will be benefited, even the universities, research firms and research institutes to market their products. We all know that Korea has a limited natural resources or infrastructure or none at all, that is why Korean IT industry lies in its ability to develop technology. With this, KES will be the place for them to show off their end results. Currently, around domestic, 50,000 visitors are scheduled to attend as well as 2,000 foreign buyers. There are various distributors expected tp attend as well, those that will be coming from India, Russiam Canada, Japan, China and Indonesia.

Would like to meet KES in Social Media Network?

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KES 2011 is Coming Soon!

KES 2011 is Coming Soon!


Interesting isn’t it? Want to have more detailed information about the KES 2011 , Visit the Korea Electronics Show 2011, KES, Smart Korea and see how you will benefit from it, Korea’s biggest electronics show. Watch out too, Smartphone app will be released soon for KES 2011

Me wants 🙂

Till then,