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What Changes Are Coming on Facebook?

Have you noticed a sudden change in facebook recently? The right sidebar is real time updating the statuses of your friends, what are they doing and posting, and the news feed showing larger pictures than usual? And additionally, have you noticed the automatic listings at the left side, if you completely filled out your profile information, facebook  automatically creates listings for those and suggests you to add friends to those listings which has the same information as ours – e.g. location – Makati, if you have friends in with profile living in Makati, then facebook creates a list of it. I wonder why facebook was so slow recently, it was because of these changes which we were all unaware of. Many of my friends complained some were dissatisfied, what else can we do but go with the flow, in fact, it is not us who control it, it’s Mark Zuckerberg, the facebook founder.

Those are not only the changes to facebook, as I was reading the news this morning, I stumbled upon the yahoo news and read that facebook will show off new Timeline Profiles – a way to present the story of your life according to Zuckerberg, timeline as in PLURK? Timeline as in you will be able to see summaries of the most important events in your personal history instead of having to scroll through years of silly status updates (technolog.msnbc.com) more apps coming, so users, expect to have lots of changes as you use facebook.

With the new Timeline Profile – those who want to stay private might as well review your setting, as this timeline will really reveal and show what are you up to every single minute of your history.

Lt us see if this changes will appear friendly and nice to all of us facebook users, otherwise, you might want to deactivate your account and finally delete it. haha.

Till then,