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Bid to Win

Higher or lower? Of course we want it lower – when it comes to bidding. But offentimes, the highest bidder brings home an item.

Bidding is common everywhere. Bidding in business means competing with other businesses for a contract to do a project. The process is – the hiring company does an examination and compares the bid proposals of the different bidders and the hiring company will choose the firm with the best proposal. On the other hand – bidding also means, winning an item over another. Like for example in a live bidding, there is an item to be auctioned and shown to the public with the starting price, and the audience will then set their price in order to get the item. In this case, the higher the bidder, the likely it is for him to win and bring the item.

The latter bidding now happens online. There are various items flashing and showing in a website, and the bidder has to register first before making a bid. And once he gets registered, he  now freely can make any bid in any items he wants. There are various selections though. In this online bidding, was there any case where a bidder experience dealfun.com complaints? Say an item he got is worn out and is different from the ones shown in the website. This is possible I think. What we can do is contact the website owner and tell your concern so that it may not experience again by others.

Are you good at bidding? Me not.

Till then,