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The Demand for Internet Security and Application Control

There had been a lot of talks and news about internet security – more specifically, hacking the computers, websites and the like, and the hackers started to maneuver and wreck the said website. It is unlikely and very disappointing to the website owner, especially if it is a very important website, and it is very amazing on the other hand, on the part of the hacker, how he was able to hack someone’s website.

In order to avoid this to happen again, website owner has now made and delve ways on how to have the extreme internet security. The objective of course, is to establish rules and measures to use against attacks over the internet which is very common nowadays in our tech-generation. There are different methods use to protect the transferring of data, in our exchaging of emails, sending information, providing our personal information over many social networking sites, these are prone to internet attacts, which we should all be aware of.

The sites I have mentioned above are some of the example of web 2.0 capabilities that needs web 2.0 security, some other examples are the video-sharing sites, hosted services or blogs, web appications, mashups amd folksonomies. In these, there are of course, transferring and exchanging of data and information, that is why to secure internet, Web filtering is necessary. Web filtering is a program that can screen an incoming web page to ensure that something in the web is not to be displayed or shown to the user. The filter checks the origin or sometimes the content of a web page as against the rules provided by a person who has installed the web filter. Like in my blog, I somehow use web filter, filtering those advertising that are adult content or porno and those also that contain spyware and viruses. This is one of the ways also where we can have internet security.

But in order for you to get those security, you must have first the application control. Know all the content, the niche of your web page and you must be able to set those controls.

Remember, there are spreading hackers worldwide, and we as a web page owner must always bear in mind the words internet security – it’s like securing one’s life.

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