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GEX5 and X500 Users in Manila Bulletin Picture Perfect

I don’t miss blogging huh? A month of unblogging is unbelievable, that is why I am making my many post as possible. See the date gap, I have no post for the month of October, that vouches that my blog was really down.

Let’s get out of that, I have a wee thing that I want to share. Yesterday, as I was browsing the newsfeeds of facebook via my blackberry, I saw a group picture that looked familiar, a picture published in Manila Bulletin – Picture Perfect column. I hastily texted my friend Wayne who was also in the picture. The picture was taken during the GEX5 users and enthusiasts first GA happened at Mall of Asia, we were there!!! I was happy seeing myself in the newspaper. See the picture below courtesy of CB Bautista the founder of the facebook group which was then was only GE X5 users.

Can you spot me?


You want to join the group – go to facebook, type in and search GE X5 & X500 Users and Enthusiasts and learn tips on how to take good photos.

Till then,