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I Just Opine is Back

My blog was down for about one month and one week. I had a problem with my hosting server and it took that long to be resolved. I was aiming to recover my blog url because it’s already indexed and I already had important affiliations where I earn, unfortunately, while trying to resolve and regain that url, someone has registered and impossible to regain in time. The resolution was to make a new blog url which is the, not that far from my old one. What not so good here is that, it’s not indexed in google yet, I have to register as a new blogger again to some of the affiliations I have, the good side on the other hand, I have the entire archives, same content, same lay out.

It’s just so disappointing that the time my blog was down, many post opportunities were recieved, but how can I make it while my blog was down. And now it’s up, I don’t know if my affiliations will still trust me as they used to. 🙁 Hopefully they will.

Till then,