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11.11.11, for some, it’s a lucky date – that is why most of the couple have decided to date their big day or wedding day today November 11, 2011 or simply 11.11.11. In fact I have two friends who are getting married today, one is a high school classmate Marissa Montecer to tie a knot with Marion Valencia and the other couple is Adelyn Navarro to bind a promise with Jay (forgot the last name).

It’s a belief, a lucky date. I strongly believe that next year on 12.12.12 or December 12, 2012, there will still be lots of couple who will be getting married. If you’re not yet, go plan and wed on that lucky date.

Marriage is a commitment, you should both believe that you are committed to be with each other for a lifetime, to trust and love one another, understand each mistakes and negativities and build a happy home and family together forever. It is not just about being happy, when you solely feely happy because you are with him or her, then that is not the only reason to settle. Think a million times, it’s a decision that can never be broken. Never be broken because I am against divorce or annulment, because for me, you will only marry once and marry only one person to stay for a lifetime.

To my friends Yssa and Ads, my BEST WISHES to both of you! Welcome to the married life 🙂

Till then,