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I successfully and diligently finished the 45 units MBA program from PLM or Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. My term started last February 2010 and ended last September 2011. Such a relief when I did it! And I am taking my respite now from waking up every six in the morning and spend the whole day from 8:00 to 6:30 pm in the school – sigh, what’a a relief indeed!

But wait, it isn’t over yet, I have to take the written comprehensive exam and if I pass, the oral defense exam is next. When we finished the whole term (earning 45 units) we all were decided to take the wce and OCE right away, with barely one month preparation. And as the schedule gets closer, I changed my mind, I made up my mind of not taking them yet – the schedule of WCE for 2nd trimester were November 06 (HBO and FinMan) and November 13 (POM and Marketing Management). There were only four or five from our batch who took them, according to them, it was not that facile, it was tough!!! 🙁 Fortunately, I changed my mind. I’d rather take it next time.

And I still have a problem, I am on my fifth month of pregnancy and due on March 2012 (yess! I and my husband are very excited for our baby). The next WCE schedule will be on March 04 and 11 and I think I can’t make it. I am planning to file my maternity leave as early as possible because I will go home in Quezon for my delivery. To be safe that I will not deliver here in Manila. So now, I have in mind, move to next sched. And hopefully I can make it by that time.. All the way to defense! Yeah, I can make it! If others can, why can’t I??

For those MBA students who are interested to take the 3rd trimester wce and oce, here are the schedules;

February 1 – 29 Application  Period
March 02 Orientation
March 04 & 11 Written Comprehensive Exam
March 26 Retake
April 15 Written Case Analysis
April 22 Oral Case Defense
April 25 Written Case – Retake
May 2 Redefense

 I would love to take during those schedules, but as you can see, it seems I am incapable to do so, better luck next schedule.

Till then,