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The Wedding Bouquet

I remember during the wedding of my friend Annalisa Abordo, in Biñan Laguna. I was one of the secondary sponsors. And one of the programs is catching the bouquet. Since I was single then and at the same time one of the secondary principal sponsors, I was one of the ladies surrounding the bride to catch the bouquet along with my friends Anna, Imee and Annalyn. And guess what, I was the lucky lady who caught the mysterious wedding bouquet.

They say if you are lucky enough to catch the wedding bouquet you will be the next to get wed. And again, guess what, among the ladies (my friend) who participated in the program, I happen to be the next in the group to get married. I followed Annalisa’s step in entering into a married life. She got married last May 16, 2009 and two years after June 11, 2011, I got married.

Another eerie thing, when I got married, I also had a program cathing flowers, not the bouquet I used but the flowers used by the secondary sponsors. There were four ladies after me to catch flowers. And after I threw it, only three needed to get one each, the lucky lady who wasn’t able to catch was Marissa (Yssa) Montecer.

catching bouquet

Believe it or not, Yssa really is the next from my friend who got married. She exchanged vows with her husband Marion Valencia just recently, 11.11.11 or November 11, 2011. Quaint isn’t it.

marissa montecer the bride

The beautiful bride of Marion Valencia – the lady who caught flowers during my wedding. Suspicion sometimes is true and not 🙂 It’s no bad to believe it or not. What matters is enjoy the moment to the fullest!

So who caught your bouquet?

Till then,