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Celebrating 2011 Christmas With Love in Our Hearts

I really don’t miss my blog 😀 in fact, I’ve been blogging every now and then hehehe…. As I’ve said, my blog was down for a month the dhina-lieva.com now becomes dhinalieva.com, and I want to make the most out of it, for a month that I was always worried about my blog. When it will get back? When can I write again? Those questions kept on racking me, but of course I don’t need to overthink about it and make me feel so stressful, I am in a condition that anything bad should be averted, otherwise, it will cause something not so good for my baby.

christmas cake

Let’s now forget my disappointment, let’s talk about the fast-approaching Christmas! Everyone is looking up to this once a year celebration. A time for giving and loving unselfishly, although everyday should be. I guess why it’s the most awaiting holiday of the year is because of the gifts, 13th month pay and other bonuses employees are receiving. And these monetary value in return will be used to buy gifts and presents for their love ones. Giving unselfishly. This holiday, let’s make more meaningful and unforgettable, let’s be thoughtful enough and remember to give each of our relatives something consumables, send christmas cakes for a change. Ahaha, I think, it applies to me, because I normally give my relatives something that are for keeps and not for eat 🙂 It’s not a bad idea though. So this year, I will send you one christmas cake, personalized, decorated with christmas accessories. Goodah!

Till then,