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I Want to Try Dietetic Technician Jobs

There’s so many things I want to do and explore; to be a professor, a doctor, a caregiver, a welder name it and I will try it. Even the today’s in demand Dietetic Technician Jobs, a job that pays competitively – because you will not be basing here in the Philippines but in US and Canada – countries that pay well, yet let us not forget that the cost of living is also well – well means high. That is far different from the cost of living here in the Philippines. But let’s face it, we ignore the COLA when we’re receiving a good compensation and stipend. It’s up to you how you will adjust your expenditures accordingly. If you want to earn more then save more and spend less 🙂 makes sense?

healthy meal

Now, I wonder what a dietetic technician does? As per my research, a dietetic technician helps prepare food for facilities such as hospitals, schools, and restaurants. It’s not easy as it seems, a dietetic technician should prepare a healthy, nutritious food for many or hundreds of people and it something that requires the expertise and knowledge of a dietetic technician. Not only ensuring a healthy and nutritious meals, but also planning menus, preparing meals, ordering foods and managing budgets for places I have mentioned before. Technician – so it means their job is so technical that we shouldn’t ignore.

Oh well, the job I want to explore is so challenging, my diet is also at stake, I will live healthier if I’d be a dietetic technician.

Till then,