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Charge to Experience

Some is lucky, some is not. And it depends on time. You are lucky enough if it’s really the right time for you to have it, and don’t be disappointed nor depressed when you are the latter – the unlucky one. Everything is achieved at His right time. If you are unlucky today – say “thank you”, because you have something to charge to your experience. No matter how hard and excruciating the process is, you still have to be thankful because nothing really really bad had happened. Just think of it as a great challenge, a heads up for your future plans.

I personally feel this thing, not that I was the one who had this unluckiness, but I can feel it, because the person who had this is very very close to me. I even cried when I learned about what happened. He’s maybe to young enough to go there, and I know someday, he will soon be successful in entering that country. I chose not to disclose the whole story, spare me. Just like him, I thank God because nothing really bad happened, he may not be lucky enough to step on that country but he is lucky that he is still with us. We just thought that it’s not really the right time for him, that God has a purpose for it. Who knows, yes he will be able to enter there, but what if worse will happen, I believe that is the reason why God did not allow him, because misfortune might wait, and that is the worst thing to accept.

As said, God timing is not late, never late, most of the time is earlier than expected. Yes, definitely, that is why I have all the faith, my 100% belief and faith in Him. I trust Him so much, I owe everything to Him.

And that painful thing that happened last Friday, November 18 and 19, 2011 – brother, just charge it to experience 🙂

Till then,