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It’s the Thought that Counts

We often spend a lot of time thinking of what gifts to give to our families and relatives,  friends and colleagues. We sometimes think of it too hard, what must be the good present to hand them. Especially during holidays, and especially now that Christmas is fast approaching, it is a time where gift-giving is everywhere.

merry christmas

As for me, it’s no important how cheap or expensive the gift is, it’s no big deal if it’s bought in a most expensive manner, it’s the the thought that counts anyway. It is what the heart expresses and says about the gift, not the gift perse. Even a simple greeting card will do, you can treasure it forever.

Honestly, Christmas is one of the seasons where I spend more money on, gift for my families and relatives and to my inaanak as well. Most of my inaanak are girls, and now, I am thinking the best christmas gifts for girl, well need not to think it too hard, as I have said, it’s the thought that counts. Let us just celebrate this holiday season full of thoughts for our love ones and those who are most in need. Always bear in mind that it’s no use and no value, no importance, if you just celebrate it careless of others. Let’s share what we have. If you are blessed enough, you should share it with others 🙂

Christmas is the most awaiting holiday of the year, not only due to gifts or bonuses, but also because it signals the end of the fruitful and blessed year and the beginning of the new year. New year, new life, new challenges.

 Till then,