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Our Baby’s Moving at 5 Months

I’m on my 22 weeks now, and the time my pregnancy reached the fifth month, our baby did not fail me to feel him/her. I enjoyed his/her kicks inside my womb, sometimes it startled me because it was strong for a five month old baby inside my tummy. I love it though! It lasted for long, and even wanted him/her to do it again.

According to the website I enrolled in (to track our baby’s progress inside and to know what are the do’s and dont’s) I can really feel our baby’s movement at five months, our baby’s doing the martial arts 🙂 See our baby’s progress below, it automatically updates.

I am actually visiting different sites for my pregnancy, I enjoyed reading and learning different things that may help me and our baby. If you are expecting, try enrolling at babycenter.com and enjoy the site, at the same time, enjoy seeing your baby grows.

It feels good to be pregnant, it excites me to see our baby, much more, it excites me to become a mother of our first baby.

Till then,