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All I Want for Christmas is a Diamond Necklace

One of the recent episodes of Rated K, was about the expensive things a person can own. Korina Sanchez – the show’s host discussed about the diamond jewelries like the earrings, rings and diamond necklaces. Would you believe those jewelries cost more than a million? X_X only rich person can buy those, and that does not mean me 😉 But if someone who has a rich heart gives me a Christmas present, I would ask him/her to give me a diamond necklace.

Diamond Necklace

Now, if I own that one (the necklace shown above) I will be having a big problem, where will I don it? I think it’s unsafe to display it in public. I have yet to look for a very special and grandiloquent occassion to wear that kind of expensive jewelry 🙂 Still, for the sake of wishing, and nothing is bad with wishing, all I want for Christmas is a diamond necklace. It’s every woman’s dream to don any diamond jewelries.

Merry Christmas and God bless us more!

Till then,