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Bid Goodbye to November Say Hello to December

And the last day of November has came, signaling that Christmas is really near, 25 days to go and the most awaiting day of the year (for most kids) is here. What awaits for us?

Before going any further, let us first remember what’s with November 30. Andres BonifacioToday is Bonifacio Day here in the Philippines. The whole nation is commemorating this as a regular holiday and most of the companies – be it public or private do not work, except for us in BPO company an American-owned company. Andres Bonifacio’s birthdate is today, he was born on November 30, 1863. He led a revolution against the Spaniards, the first Asian revolution who fought against Europe’s imperialism. And that is the reason why he became a hero of the Filipinos.

When I was in my elementary days, we studied all of the Philippine heroes, we know their talambuhay or biography. The life of the heroes were included in our examinations that’s why we should know the story of all those heroes.

I can still recall them, but I hardly remember their life story 🙁 I need to do more research and recall how a hero becomes a hero.

Hello December! There’s so much more to do with you. A holiday to be prepared for and more expenses to expect. What we can do is enjoy the holiday and spread love to everyone. Merry Christmas everyone!!!! Gifts gifts gifts 😀

Till then,