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I Stay Connected with Blackberry

Thank you so much RIM or Research in Motion for bringing in blackberry phones. I stay connected with people around the globe with a very minimal once a month charge. I stay connected and chat with my husband every second, every minute, every hour everyday with blackberry messenger. I can log in to facebook, yahoo messenger and twitter anytime I want, I don’t need a wifi. I can even sign in all day and all night (sacrificing the battery hehehe). Stay really connected and updated with what’s going on around.

Blackberry phones

Not only with social networking, you can also activate your corporate email so you can check what’s urgent matters are needing your attention.

With my blackberry curve 9300, I only activated the social networking – the bbm, the ym, facebook, and twitter. But there are also google talk, IM and so on, I do not use them so I deleted them in my bb application.

Having a blackberry is more useful than any other phone, especially when your partner and love ones own it too. You can chat anytime. Compare to SMS which will cost you 15-25php for every send. With bbm, it’s unlimited. In my case, I only pay less than Php300 a month and I can use those application and social networking sites. For globe subscribers, you just need to send BB SOCIAL ON to 8888, afterwhich, you will receive a notification that your social networking is now active. You can also check the signal at the upper right corner (the gprs, edge etc.) they will be in CAPITAL (GPRS, EDGE) letters once the social is activated.

Additionally, with BBM, paranoia is not common, because everytime you send a message, a letter D will appear meaning the message has been delivered and R if the message has been read. No letter will appear when the message is pending 🙂 Send hi once, next hello… no charge for multiple sending. Sometimes I am making a mistake, because I use bbm where short messages are sent, I sometimes think sending SMS is like bbm too 😀 I accidentally send one word only as an SMS – costing Php1.00 hehe, waste!

To RIM, hope you will continue producing blackberry phones it’s cheaper now compared years ago. Everyone can afford it now. I saw many people are using it. Thank you so much! and most especially, thank you hubby for giving me a blackberry last May 11, 2011, a month before our wedding 🙂 Love you!!!

Till then,