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Surprising Facts About Pregnancy

I’m officially on my 23rd week of pregnancy today, 119 more days before my due date (I am not that excited huh). And of course, being pregnant is not just about a growing and showing belly, it’s not about stopping your monthly period, there are many facts about it as you may have heard from your mother or your friend who became pregnant. Lucky me, I did not have any difficulty conceiving, I did not have any cravings for food, I did not feel any dizziness, throwing up or vomiting, I did not feel lazy (except for waking up early in the morning), I did not have any mood swing. They say, I am really lucky for having not felt the crucial stage of first trimester of pregnancy. I lived just like normal days, what’s the only abnormal is that my monthly period did not visit me and that my tummy is growing bigger. Until now, I am very happy that our baby is so afable and kind, he/she does not make my pregnancy hard. The development is so curious our baby is actively moving, love it! My husband is happy to know the entire development with our baby and he’s very strict with what I eat and what I do.

Aside form those pregnancy facts, what I notice is that, I now have less hairfall. When I was taking a bath before and hand-combing my hair, I cannot count the hair fall I had, but now, a surprising fact – lesser hairfall even thicker and more lustrous hair. It’s noticeable, I only cut my hair once – after our wedding, and it’s now almost a waist-length. No maintenance, just the regular shampooing and conditioning. Hair treatment is bad for a pregnant woman, I used to rebond my hair to maintain it straight, but now, I cannot.

macadamia oil

Thank you that my hair just got thicker and lustrous because of my pregnancy. I don’t need any expensive hair treatment now. But of course, after I give birth, my hair will go back to its frizzy and tangles, so I need now a treatment haha… And another fact that I discover while reading about the pregnancy, I suddenly stumbled upon the macadamia oil. I wondered at first what’s this, then as I read, it’s an oil that is designed to set you free from the hair problems, macadamia oil will help you achieve a natural good looking hair. The problems like damaged, frizzy or dry, tangles, treated, dull and lifeless, brittle causing split-ends, thick and bushy will soon disappear with regular use of macadamia oil. It’s better than coconut oil perhaps, I used the latter before because it’s readily available. And since I will be going back to my old hair, I must try this macadamia oil after my pregnancy. You must try it too!

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