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We’ll Be Having a Girl!!!

People around me say I will be having a girl 🙂 they predict based on my outlook and appearance haha. Hmmm…. And because I am too excited to know our baby’s gender, I searched on pregnancy tool to predict what the gender of our baby will be. And I found one that really says I will be having a girl, it’s from babycenter.com – a Chinese Gender Predictor. See it below 🙂

baby center.com

If you are pregnant and would like to predict the gender of your baby, just hover over the picture and click on it, it will lead you to the babycenter chinese gender predictor. What are the steps? Step 1, you have to tick your conception date or due date and the tool will automatically calculate the Chinese lunar month in which you got pregnant. Step 2, enter your birth date and it automatically calculates your Chinese lunar age the time you conceived  and hit Calculate. My result; I conceived on November and my Chinese lunar age at pregnancy is 32 (hmmm too old for my current age).

Let us see if this is correct, if we really be having a girl through ultrasound. Let’s see if their prediction is correct. But it doesn’t matter, boy or girl – we are really proud and happy that we will be having one. We’re both excited to be parents.

Till then,