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Confirmed! We’re Having A Girl!

A post prior to this one, I mentioned that we are having a girl – but that was based on the baby center.com gender prediction tool, the Chinese Calendar Gender Prediction. The result I’ve got there was a girl – we were having a girl.

And to curtail the longing and excitement me and my husband felt, I requested my OB a pelvic ultrasound to determine our baby’s gender. And on Monday – 12th of December, I had my ultrasound here at Mall of Asia in In My Womb. I chose the pearl package or the 3D ultrasound which contains the 15 shots and colored pictures of my baby and a cd of those still pictures which will be available after 10-15 days.

The procedure first was determining our baby’s health, the length, the body parts, the heart beat, my amniotic fluid, our baby’s position and so on. And then followed by gender determination. We looked at her very closely, baka something lawit will appear but there was nothing, only the two lavia. Here is the picture of our baby’s gender where two arrows are pointing to the lavia. You may hardly see it because it’s black and white. (And I am now thinking how hard it is to have a normal delivery, do i need some Acupuncture Middlewich to ease the pain?)

gender of our baby at 24 weeks 5/7 days

So the predictions of people around me were correct, only one got wrong 🙂 ate gie hehe…

After the gender prediction, I saw our baby’s face, cute cute. I was so happy then. But there were cases that she was covering her face and the OB can’t find a good shot. I decided to have my re-scan on Friday for better pictures. I hope baby will not cover her face anymore 🙂 I don’t have a copy of the colored pictures yet, only the black and white – to post later 🙂 here.

In In My Womb, you actually have four times of re-scanning until your baby cooperates that’s within a month only. Not bad – you can use them all until you are satisfied.

They have branches at Glorietta, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, SM Marikina and The Fort Global City. You may choose from 2D (Php1k+), 3D Php2,800 (still colored pictures with cd) and 4D Php4,000 (colored pictures and video). Services offered are the following;

First Trimester Scan

  • Pregnancy Confirmation
  • Nuchal Translucency Monitoring

Second Trimester Scan (Pelvic Ultrasound)

  • Gender Determination
  • Fetal Biometry
  • Comprehensive Congenital Anomaly Scan

Third Trimester Scan

  • Biophysical Profile
  • Amniotic Fluid Monitoring
  • Placental Localization

Non-Pregnant (Gynecologic) Scans

  • Follicle Monitoring (Infertility Work Up)
  • Monitoring of Myomas and other gynecologic tumors

They specialized in 3D4D ultrasound…your baby’s first music video. Visit any branched now like I did and get satiated, happy and excited as you see your baby’s profile 🙂

Till then,