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Christmas Lanterns Out of Recycled Materials

We at ACS Accounting had this Decorate Your Fishbone contest out of recycled materials. There should be a Christmas song collaborated with the design of the fish bone. Our group – CSG General Accounting chose the ABS CBN 2009 Christmas station ID “Star ng Pasko”, and so our highlight is a star. Star or lantern made of recycled materials.

christmas decoration out of recycled materials

And this is our Star ng Pasko – a lantern made of plastic bottle, of coke 1.5L, each of the five corners are made up of 10 bottoms of coke 1.5L, connected with a glue stick or stick glue whatever you call it, supported by bamboo sticks at the back. You can perhaps improve the way it look by adding some metal switch plate.

Now you can make your own christmas lantern too out of recycled materials.

We also have little stars made of empty yakult bottles, five bottles were made as a star. Picture to post later.

This only means that we don’t need to spend too much for Christmas, all we need is a creative mind and all the available things in our home, play with it and be creative! Less expense or none at all!

I’ll be posting the different fishbone designs later when photos are available 🙂 You will be amazed how creative we are at ACS.

Till then,