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It’s My 9th Anniversary

I had a hard time landing a job after my undergraduate course. It took me nine months searching, waiting to be called by many companies I applied for, but was never hired on 2002. I went to job fairs, waited for long hours and fell in line to get interviewed but still to no avail. I went to Science Park 1 in Calamba City, to Laguna Technopark looked up to their job postings, not satiated, I walked around the big export processing zone area, walked in different companies and handed my resume all this under the heat of the sun, I got darker. Yes I received calls from them, but they did not hire me, I lacked job experience according to them? How can I have one anyway, I am a fresh graduate and if they do not hire me, I will never ever have experience. 2002 had been a very challenging year for me, it really was.we're hiring

On the 2nd week of January, I accepted a job in a restaurant located in Sto. Tomas Batangas, I honestly did not know what my position was then, and then when I was already working there, I received a call from one of the companies I applied in, that was in Kanepackage Philippines Corporation. They said I was hired! Yipee! And I hastily left the restaurant, I was there for 3 days only and started in KPPI on January 13, 2003 – that was Friday the 13th, they say a bad day, but for me, it’s not, it was my lucky day indeed! And I started my first job (officially) as a Customer-in-Charge, handling various customers. My first challenging job, a job that made my cry several times, cried as in like a baby. I wasn’t able to endure the pressure and I left KPPI after six months, good thing I did not come to a point that I need to be brought to the hospital with a air ambulance service because of the intense pressure. I left ahead 🙂 Thanks KPPI anyway for a wonderful and unforgetable experience!


Aside from the pressure, I really wanted to land an accounting job, luckily I got one on June 23, 2003 in the name of Rapid Forming Corporation as a Cost Accounting Staff….. left it after one and half year, transferred to Sara Lee Philippines Inc. (now PiPlay) as a Jr. Cost Accountant on August 14, 2004….. left it again for Nikkoshi Philippines Corporation on April 2005, as a Senior Accounting Staff for two years and six months….. looked for greener pasture so I left again and Advantek Inc. hired me as a Finance and Accounting Associate on November 2007…. when some left I also decided to leave after one and half year and transferred to ACS on May 25, 2009 and still here 🙂

And today marks my 9th year of working. I’ve been a good citizen of the country, part of my earnings is being contributed to our government 😀 Hope I can withdraw it hehe…

I have been to 5 manufacturing companies, and now a financial service company. I can say I am fully equipped with knowledge, skills and experience other companies were looking from me before. And I want to eke some more, I want to deepen more my experience and get a more challenging one 🙂 later….. In His time….

Thank you Bro for blessing me all these years, for having a profession for 9 years. I know there are a lot more to wait and look for, and I am open to that. Challenging? I will open-arms accept it. Thank you so much!

Be blessed more!

Till then,