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What Awaits This 2012

I know this is too late. Seventeen days had passed for January, and I am just starting to think of what awaits me this year. It’s no problem anyway, so long as I have something in my mind and heart to accomplish, I have my goals and mission to fulfill. In fact, I don’t need to share it or write it down, but because I believe that writing your goals and dreams will help you achieve them, I now do so.

First and foremost, we are so excited for our first baby girl. I have been living very healthy because of the little swimmer inside me, I want her to be healthy too. She’s turning thirty weeks tomorrow, and she’s very active shaking my waist, kicking and stretching, makes me feel very tickle, and I love it. Can’t wait for March 28, she will be here very very soon. Too bad that her dad won’t be with me on the day of her arrival, although that, her dad is always there to berate me when everything goes unlikely aha. He never fails to remind me of this and that, he is like beside me. I am done shopping for new born things, ganun pala ang feeling, yes it’s too costly, but I was so happy shopping things for our baby. Of course, everything is pink, for our baby girl. I just had to set some super expensive things aside, like the AVENT items πŸ™ those were really expensive for breastfeeding, but I want to have them hehe… If there is someone who would want to donate, I will really really appreaciate it! For the meantime, let us stay budget conscious to prepare for the rainy days- the day when I deliver.

Another thing that I would want to accomplish this year is to take the written comprehensive exam (wce) and oral case/defense, not just to take but to pass so that I will become an MBA, my dream, long time dream, I am so close to reality.

What else? Career? Hmmm, I would say, I will stay in my current job, not thinking of transferring yet, I have some plans pa.

With blogging, I will of course continue to blog, and hopefully more tasks will be received. I can’t say as of now that I will be more active in attending blogging events because I will npw be having a daughter to enjoy life.

At the end of the year, he will be here to join us celebrating Christmas and New Year, and that is also one thing I am awaiting. Speaking of him, I hope God grants the answer to his problem πŸ™‚ we wish we wish, we pray we pray. I know dad you can do it!

There are many factors and variables that will affect accomplishing these things but with constant prayers and faith, and diligence, nothing is impossible, so help us God. Hope I will have a safe and normal delivery. Please be with us Lord. Thank you for this precious gift πŸ™‚

Till then,