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She’s Coming Pretty Soon!

I am officially thirty weeks pregnant now, and it’s only wee ten weeks to go and tada, she’ll be with us.

Being pregnant is not that easy but the happiness is whoa a cloud nine. THe happiness and excitement begin when you discover you are a week or two pregnant by having a PT or pregnancy test. In my case, I was looking forward to the day of my monthly period, looking forward not to visit me, so I can have my urine tested. A day after my expected period, I had my PT, I was nervous, what if the result is negative, but thank God, the happiness was really high when I saw two red lines in the PT tools, indicating that I am positive, I am pregnant. I had three more tests after that, really wanna make sure that I am positive. After the fourth test, I went to MAMC hospital so I can be checked at the same time be given advices and some pre-natal vitamins.

That was the beginning, and now, she’s thirty weeks, my belly is like a ball, and it’s heavier now. I can feel her strong kicks and stretching, at 6 in the morning, 12 in the afternoon, 4 in the afternoon and 7pm recurring 12mn. That is her routine, she’s awake by those time. Last night was my not so sound sleep, I had difficult time finding a good position, I can’t lie flat with my back because she’s now heavy, I can’t stay to my left side for long because I sometimes feel discomfort, same with my right side. Thankfully, I managed to sleep even less than eight hours.

I already have the baby stuff at home, I baby stroller and basketbought already those for new born and few months after. And when she grows up, I wanted to buy uppa baby vista, to make her feel good and comfortable resting and prowling 🙂

My pregnancy has a long story to tell, just like other women who got pregnant. I have gone through many laboratory examinations and etc, a story that I want to separately share in other post.

Pregnancy is twinned with financial capability, capability to support it, otherwise, what to expect for your baby but an unhealthy one. You need to be financially stable when you are pregnant, this is to support your baby’s needs, from the multivitamins, iron supplement, anmum or the like, healthy foods as well as fruits and vegetables up to the delivery.

There are things I set aside the time I get pregnant – coffee, COFFEEEEE, yes, coffee, I was coffee-addict and I abruptly stopped for the sake of our baby. Soda, sprite, I rarely drunk but I managed to finally stopped too. Fast foods, I ate sometimes but not too much. They say don’t deprive yourself when you want to eat something, just go with moderation.

But all those sacrifices are worth it, you can do something impossible when you are pregnant. Don’t be bothered, the epitome – a long lasting happiness, especially when she’s there with you.

As for our baby – she’s coming pretty pretty very very soon. Please pray for my safe delivery.

Till then,