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Work Smarter, Play Harder With BB Playbook

There is this man who really is urged and wanted of buying a Blackberry Playbook. I often hear from him the word “PLAYBOOK.” I don’t know though if he’s serious about it or just playing me around. Nevertheless, he can afford one, it’s cheaper there in the place where he is now than here in the Philippines, besides that, it also has a vast GB to store everything you wanted.

Blackberry Playbook
Blackberry Playbook - Photo Grabbed from RIM Site

What’s the use of Blackberry Playbook anyway? As of now, I cannot answer you right now as I personally do not own one, maybe later on when someone gives it to me as a present. All I know is that it’s like a tablet where you can bring anywhere, it’s very handy, you can surf anywhere you go so long as you’re in a wifi area or stuff like that. Hmmm, in this case, I can blog anywhere now 🙂

As of now, I am only using a Blackberry Curve 9300, a gift from him. As I have posted, I can have unlimited chats with it, especially with BBM or blackberry messenger, I just need to sunscribe to BB Social worth Php266 (postpaid). And a good news that I’ve read yesterday from one of the blogs I stumbled on, you can actually use BBM cheaper, cheaper as in Php99.00 for 30 days (postpaid). I am planning to try it, just text BB CHAT ON send to 8888. With BB SoCIAL I’m currently using, I can use BBM, Facebook, Twitter and YM (if you also have GoogleTalk, and any IM, you can use that too).

My sentimental BB will be turning one year on May 11 🙂 and I am planning also to dress it up with new blackberry case. Will my BB phone be having a partner soon in the name of BB Playbook? Let us see haha… For now, there’s so much important to look forward too and prepared for. The most precious gift that God gives us.

Till then,