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I’m A Music Lover

I am a frustrated singer haha. I auditioned many times (that is a joke). Kidding aside, yes I love music, I even had tape recordings of some acapella songs when I was in high school, I voice taped my own voice, singing some of the light songs 🙂 It’s vintage, tape or cassette tapes are already gone, CD, VCD, mp3 player are now in, let’s add videoke. Without shyness, I sometimes can sing in videoke because it sounds good, that is if you also have a good voice 🙂 otherwise, balderdash! Mind you, videoke only uses an ordinary microphone, what if it uses audix i5 will it sounds better? Hmmm, dunno either 🙂


audix i5


When I first heard the word audix i5, I wondered what it is, then I finally stumbled it on the net and saw it’s one kind or brand of a microphone, how I wish I have one, so that my beautiful voice will be heard by everyone hehehe. And my dream of becoming a recording artist will somehow become a reality haha. My dream is to learn how to play guitar, not a recording artist, pardon me being a joker now.

Till then,