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So Near Yet So Far

First of all, I would like to greet my dearest friend Edna Ilagan-Sabandal a very happy birthday! Today she celebrates her youngness, as she is maturing in life. A very good friend of mine whom I consider as my bestfriend. We’ve been friends since 1988 or 1989 I think, that was when we were in first grade in elementary. 🙂 Until now, we never fail to become one eventhough we now have our own families. A friend like her is worth treasuring forever.

Anyway, what’s with the title? Near and far… It is about the wce that we are about to take, hoping and praying that we all will pass and become a real MBA. I am having a hard time reviewing, but I need to. I envy my classmates who already took wce and oce and now are MBA. And they inspire me to do the same. It is almost four months that I stopped schooling, because I’ve already finished the 45 units requirement. And now, I am working on getting the fruits of my one and half year of diligence. On March 4 and 11, the wce will be undertaken, hoping my baby will stay inside my womb, cooperates and help me pass. I am due on last week of march, and I believe and I have faith that my delivery will not be early. That’s it!

And today marks a very important day for the love of my life, I wish you luck and I know God will grant us that, the answer to our prayers. You can do it! Good luck!

Till then,