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GPS Units and Accessories

When my partner gave me the blackberry phone, I did not know how to use it, poor me, wasn’t able to locate where’s the message, the contacts and etc, it was my first time though. I know it’s not that too techy unlike those expensive iPhones or htc, but of course, being a first time user, what to expect but to be ignorant. After few hours of exploring and navigation, I finally was able to use it on my own, have set all the necessary settings that needed to be set, including the GPS. Well, I am not exactly sure if I need GPS but I set it still.

What’s GPS anyway? A GPS is an acronym for Global Positioning System, it is a cost-effective way to ensure you never get lost again. Ahuh, it’s like your navigator 🙂 Real-time satellite signals track your position and direct you, meter by meter, to your destination. The source is your destination for portable GPS, auto GPS and trucker GPS units – oh so many units, perhaps you can check on some store having gps clearance outlets for a cheaper cost. As for me, I am okay with the one installed on my phone.  

And reading through the definition, now I know that I need a GPS. I don’t get lost a lot, but it takes me a long time before reaching my destination, especially when it’s my first time to visit that place 😀 With GPS, I will never get lost, that is if I know how to use it hehe.

Till then,