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Almost There

Today is my 8th month of being pregnant. I now feel it’s almost there, although since the beginning of my conception, I know it’s always almost there. And we are happy to know that we’re getting there, we’re getting more and more excited as my due date gets near.

With the last pre-natal check up I had which was last January 21, 2011, I am heavier now, I gained 3 kilos from the last check up I had, from 49 kilos to 52 kilos, not so bad, our angel is gaining pounds too, thats the fact that makes me heavier.  Another thing that we pregnant women should accept, is experiencing a backpain – I had my worst night last Friday, really, I did have a sound sleep. Turned left and right, lied on my back, but still the pain remained. I also changed my position, my head positioned to where my feet positioned before, and yet, the pain was still there. I couldn’t move myself that much as I changed my position because of the pain I had. Hayyysss, thankfully, it’s gone now, hoping not to happen again. I think the backpain was due to the bed I was lying in, it’s not flat, so I changed it yesterday. I had a sound sleep last night na.

It’s a little sacrifice for our little angel, this sacrifice is worth it. Even some jewellery and gifts have to set aside. I even wanted to tell you everything about my pregnancy. I haven’t told you yet about the OGCT and the OGTT I had, it’s about my sugar 🙂 To tell soon.

The epitome – it’s a very nice experience being pregnant, I am happy always. Our baby is kicking hard now, she always startles me as she kicks and shakes my belly. Expect this to get stronger as I turn 8 and 9 months. Looking forward to it 🙂

Till then,