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On My Retirement Age

Thirty years from now and I’ll be on my retirement age. As early as now, I am thinking what venture shall I take when that time comes. I don’t want to just sit down and relax when I reach the age of 60, it will just make me slack, weary and sluggish. I am a person who gets bored of doing nothing, so I prefer to have and to make something lucrative. Besides, I don’t want to be a burden to my children, I don’t want to be a pensioner who receives money in exchange of nothing. I want money to come from my own toils.

I know it’s too far yet, I even am not sure if I will reach my retirement age, but of course, I can’t stop thinking of our future. What will happen to us when we get old. We have to have something that is worthy, some business even a small one. This will help us not only with our daily expenditures but to keep our body moving thus becoming healthy and active. The question now is, what business shall we take? Given the fact that nowadays, almost the whole world is experiencing a financial/economic crisis, and everyone struggles to make a living. It’s hard to think though, but I know, when that time comes I can abrauptly think of a lucrative business to venture into, I can avail perhaps some free business cards to help with my future business.

It’s not bad to think of the future, be futuristic, in fact, it makes yourself ready to what lies ahead. They say, just enjoy your moment, enjoy the present and forget the future, not for me, plan for your future as you enjoy your present is the best thing to do. Enjoy every single moment of your life as you plan for your future 🙂 cheers!

Till then,