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On my 8th Month

This is my first time to post and show you my bump 😀 I am a bit bashful showing this here hehe. Yet decided to post as I get near my expected month, anytime starting March 7, our baby girl will wont the world. Meantime, here she is inside me.

at 8th month No nice background to take picture with, you might perhaps where these were taken. No doubt, it shows where.

Time wanes so fast, imagine, I am about to give birth anytime next month, I did not mind at all that eight months have already lapsed, eight months that I am carrying God’s precious gift to us. Our baby did not make my pregnancy hard, I did not experience any difficulty like morning sickness, that’s I am very thankful with. In fact, I even get to travel much in my entire pregnancy. I was able to visit my husband’s family once or twice a month and go home in Tiaong Quezon weekly or twice a month.


On my 8th month, I also decided to change my OB, same hospital but different OB. This will be the last, I cannot change anymore as I will be due next month.


Going back to the picture – they say I have a little tummy, yes I do. And I need to make it bigger by eating a lot more. During my last pre-natal visit, Dra. Valdez told me that our baby is small and I have to eat foods rich in protein and eggs every other day. Hmmm, I am eating nutritious foods, how come our baby is that small, hope she gets a little bigger after two weeks.

Me and my husband are very excited to have our first baby (I always say this). I am sure anyone of you is excited about the pregnancy of your love ones right. Labor time? Need patience and endurance, I think I’ll be needing some duncan yoyos to kill the pain and boredom I will feel during the time I will deliver haha.. Wish me luck, I know I can do it. If others can, why can’t I? God bless us 🙂

Till then,