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What’s Up?

I admit, I don’t know what is happening around now, I am not watching television (current events) nor reading newspaper. So innocent of me. Everytime I hear someone talks about this and that, I am caught unaware. So what’s up now? What is the latest news? What is going around in our government, with Corona’s impeachment? etc? I really have no idea. If I am a high school student and be asked about current events, I will surely be having a failing grade for not answering the question. Too bad.

As much as I wanted to watch television to make me aware of my environment, I hardly can do it. After nine hours of working in front of my computer desk, upon reaching home, I am already tired that make me wanna lie down first and take a nap. This is because I am pregnant and feeling the fatigue though my work isn’t that stressful. After taking an hour or two respite, I will cook my dinner, while reviewing. See, how can I watch television then? That is also the reason why I can’t because I am in the mood to read and review, concentrate on what I am reading.

Maybe after I give birth and after my wce, I will know the answer to my WHAT’s UP question. I will not hinder myself to watch what’s happening around me.

Till then,