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Sarah G to Entertain Fans Every Sunday Night on SARAH G LIVE!

Let’s get showbiz! 😀 Showbiz time once again.

I know many of you is aware that Vice Ganda’s show finally had his finale episode yesterday. At first, when I watched the show’s trailer informing viewer that it will be the final episode, I wondered why it will end up – I myself is regaled by the show, how come it will end? I laughed to the max everytime I watch it. I am sure you too are regaled by Vice Ganda.

Sarah G Live

And few days ago, Sarah Geronimo conquers the screen – she will be replacing the time slot of Vice Ganda with her new kapamilya show Sarah G Live! She will be owning the stage and will be singing incessantly using microphones -even tascam microphones perhaps. Another show to watch for, another sleepless nights for the fans of this humble girl. Everyone will look forward to this – a must see late Sunday night show.

Good luck Sarah and may you continue to regale everyone with your great singing voice and humility. God bless you always!

Till then,