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Remembering My First Time

It was June of 2009 when I experienced my first time to travel out of the country, a business trip with my current employer. During that travel, everything was first, first time in US embassy, first time to be interviewed by the US consul, and got approved for the first time. First time to hop in the airport, first time to enter and see everything what’s inside the airport, first time to ride a plane and first time to be light years away from my family.

After a long hour of travel, we finally reached the destination, and my first time to the US. It was Sunday then, and we were not to report for work right away, so we stayed in the hotel where we were booked, my first time still. It was already summer in Utah, but then, it was still cold, so my first time to spend my time in a snowy country. I could still see the snow cap in the mountains around.

Hotel Marriot

This is my bedroom in Marriott Hotel

Since it was still cold, I even set the  air conditioning unit as a heater 😀 I cannot endure the low temperature at first so I turned it on as a heater. See these photos, love to spend time and sleep here.

electric matress pad
I think it was one of the funniest moments of my life during my stay in Utah turning the ACU as heater – my first time though, my body temperature was a bit adjusting to the weather. Then later on, I endured the temperature. Ah by the way, the reason why I also turned the heater was to dry my washed clothes hehe. Yes, I washed it in my room instead of using the hotel’s washing machine area wherein you have to pay for using it. Wise me 😀 so miser!

This post is not enough to enumerate all the first time I had during my travel, too many to tell. It’s more than two years now, and I am wondering whether I could visit the snow place once again, if not in Utah, anywhere in US, so I can use my VISA. Would you be interested to send me an invitation? Let me know hehe… (kidding)

Till then,