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More Improvement for Sarah G Live!

I was able to watch the pilot episode of Sara G Live last Sunday, it was that early that’s why. I really watched out for it. Admittedly, I was in awe with the opening number of Sarah, it was great. She sang, danced and performed well in the basement floor, everything was in coordination. Enough to awe fans and live viewers. But then, as the show went on, there was some dull moment for me, I don’t know with others. I thought the entire show would like be an ASAP or TSCS (The Sharon Cuneta Show) where there is more dancing and singing. Or perhaps, the show doesn’t fit my age anymore 😀 as this is suited for Sarah’s age, hmmm, not really. Maybe I am not really a big fan of Sarah.

I did not finish the entire TV show, if it is really really good, it would make me stay in front of TV until it ended, but the opposite. Well, this is not that bad for a pilot episode. There will be more room for improvement as the show goes on, that is one thing that ABS CBN will surely do. More luck Sarah G!

Till then,