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Thank You Nurse Yunis

When I got pregnant, the first thing people around asked me was, who is with me in the house? They know that I am just renting a room nearby, and go home bi-weekly. Thankfully, I have a nurse roommate whom I can depend and rely on all the time. It is as if I am in the hospital that needs special care and do patient monitor. Yes indeed, nurse Yunis never fails to take care of me, that is why I am brave enough to live apart from home because I know she’s there, I am confident that should there be something unwanted happens (hopefully none) she’s more than willing to lend her two hands for me.

I am really nearing my expected due date, I will be expected to give birth anytime starting March 7, my 37th week of pregnancy, considered as full term. I am still working, and praying that won’t deliver until I leave the office on 12th of March. There is something really important that I want to take – I don’t want to let go of this anymore, I already did once, and I regreted it. Besides, I can feel that I will not give birth that early – our baby will cooperate 🙂 she’s really kind and I know she’ll help me get our plans. I talk to her a lot about our condition. It is an effective way to bond with your baby, talk to your baby, it’s an effective way of communicating thought she’s inside your womb. It will help you get closer. Express how much you love her/him. Believe me, it works. You might sometimes feel he/she responds to your talks, it means he/she really can hear you, so talk to her loudly 🙂 <3 or sing him/her a song.

Till then,