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What Feedback Can Do For You

Are you among those people who are not open and do not entertain any feedback? What feedback really means to you anyway? It has a lot of definition when you look at a dictionary. But one feedback that is very significant for an individual’s growth is about accepting comments from someone about how you behave and act on a certain things. If feedback is negative, you must accept and entertain it and make ways to improve or remove them, especially to a leader or the one who aims to be one.

I just went through a two day (4 hours each)  internal leadership training in ACS last December 2011, and totality, I learned a lot that could help me in my future endeavor and even now. One thing I’ve learned is about accepting feedback. A situation cited was, for example, in the eyes of your mother you are a very wow person but in the eyes of your officemates, the opposite – no one accompanies you, no one joins you. So what seems to be the problem? There is a problem with your personality or something else that is needed to improve, and your officemates will help you do this when you ask them for feedback. Use that feedback then to meditate and do something so that later on, not only your mother will eye you as  a wow person, but also the people around you.

We all have something in us that needs feedback don’t we? What to do is to act, ask now your colleagues about it so that it’s not late for improvement. Use the 4 level feedback. 🙂

I am open to feedback folks!

Till then,