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Another Record in the History of INC

Yesterday was a blast. Another record was set, it was not a record holding competition, but for me, a part of Philippine history – particularly that of INC Mass Evangelization. I am amazed with the unity this religious group has. If they are called to gather for something, everyone will be there to attend, and imagine their population, wow! Now wonder why the politicians or the candidates they are supporting win, it’s because – from what I heard, if the leader says let us support this candidate, every INC member will follow. That is a big help for a candidate, so lucky.

On my way to the office yesterday, February 28, 2012, I wondered why there were lots of vehicles on the road, particularly in Macapagal area. Jeepneys, vans, buses with numbers on each. I thought they were like going to a field trip in Star City because that way they were approaching. The cab driver beside me even uttered “Bat ang daming sasakyan, saan ba kayo galing?” (why there’s so many cars, where did they come from?). And I forgot about it when I reached the office.

I never knew what was happening outside since I am working, until someone who just reported on a mid shift schedule said, there’s a lot of car outside, what’s up then? Someone said it’s about the INC members to support Corona in his impeachment and they are gathered in Luneta Park. Okay….That was my first thinking about it. And it changed when I watched the late night news, it was a MASS EVANGELIZATION.

And when I was about to go home, I went to the cab terminal, was shocked that the line was long and no cab was there. Not even some cars or vans in the other side. Then I realized, it was because of the INC. And I waited for long until my turn and a cab was there bring us to Buendia. Lucky us that the driver took the other route, he shunned the heavy traffic and less than thirty minutes, we reached Leveriza, near the place where I stay. And I saw the heavy traffic, cars were not even moving.

What if the cab driver did not take the other route, instead he had it on seaside where there is more congestion, whew, can’t imagine how long will it take for us to reach our destination. Others took a walk and did not endure the traffic, if that is the case, might as well wear comfy shoes for a tiring and long walk. Others just sitted in the cab and waited for long hours until they reach their destination.

It’s not only in Mall of Asia, Macapagal Buendia area, I think it’s almost the part of GMA where there was traffic. Do not know what time it ended.

The same situation happened some years back – when INC held their anniversary worldwide. This just reminds and tells us how united INC is, that they really are KAISA, KAANIB and etc. It’s only a part here in the Philippines, what more worldwide? I hope all of us will be as united as them.

Till then,