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Do I Need a Yoga?

Aha, our baby is moving right at this moment, she’s shaking my tummy left and right, she’s kicking my left side and I think she is having a hiccup. A moment to savor and treasure, soon I will miss this.

Few days are left and she’ll soon be hugged and kissed. Can’t wait to that, very excited. And how do I prepare for my labor anyway? Honestly, I am not preparing for my labor yet, I just walk and walk, but not too hard. They say I must take an exercise like a kegel or yoga yoga blocksusing some yoga block to prepare for my labor, and of course to ease the pain it brings.

I have read in some of the websites that exercise does help a pregnant woman to deliver not so hard, but how can I do it if I am not attending any classes as I am still working. I think walking is enough and practice breathing is a plus.

I can feel that our baby will come out last week of March – it’s my due date anyway 😀 she will wait until I take my leave at work and stay at home. I always to to her to please cooperate as we still have a mission. She can hear me \:D/ <3

Till then,