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Another challenging day for him, he is again taking on a final interview – final for the second time. And I wish and pray that he’d be lucky this time. He’s been giving his best to pass the screening, yet it’s aint enough, hope this time he can make it! Good luck!

He’d been to a sad and bad experience when he tried to visit HK with the help of his wife’s relatives, an experience that will forever be remembered and etched in his mind. Hmmm, it taught him lesson anyway, and at least he was able to ride a plane and reach HK airport, too bad that he wasn’t able to exit though 🙁 Just don’t know if he can still legally enter HK after that, his passport has been crossed out with numbers that we did not understand.

This time, another chance to take, and hope he can make it. If only the magic  is true, then he could probably have one and be his token of fortune, so that he will be successful this time. I know he can do it, he can pass. Please help him God. It’s for his family, he wants to earn a better living for his family. Please please please…. Good luck bro!

Till then,