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Everything is Ready for Her Arrival

Before I left home last week, I prepared and packed everything in a travelling bag (and I wish I check out if there’s sale so I can buy one for a better packing) that needs to be brought at the hospital, so when I feel that the time for her to arrive is here, I will only be picking or bringing them to the hospital.

Before I did, I washed baby’s stuff first and ironed them afterwards. Tired but I enjoyed doing it for our baby. Imagine washing those little tiny things and ironing them piece by piece, oh sweat!

I think I am much excited with packing, I have lots of baby clothes in there. Here’s the list I have prepared.

    • 3 pieces of short sleeve shirt
    • 3 pieces of sleeveless shirt
    • 3 pieces of long sleeve shirt
    • 3 pieces of pajamas
    • 3 pieces of panties
    • diapersbig
    • cleene cotton
    • alcohol
    • baby wipes
    • baby oil
    • one over all fitted clothing
    • 3 pairs of mittens
    • 3 pieces wash cloths
    • 3 pairs of booties
    • one bonnet
    • one receiving blanket
    • two towels with hoods
    • and those stuff for me of course
It’s my first time, and spare me if I have prepared a lot for our baby, it’s as if she”ll be staying in the hospital for many days hehehe.. I just want to be really prepared. I can bring them back home anyway if it’s not needed in the hospital, at least they’re packed 🙂 (Not too excited huh!)
It’s March 1st, and I am only counting days for our little jj to arrive. A bit nervous at the same time… Normal for a first time mom perhaps.
Till then,