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I’ll Be A WFHM (Work From Home Mom) Soon with Blogging

I am happpy that I am again receiving lots of tasks or assignments in my online job – blogging. This is a great blessing for me. I am again very active updating this blog, I need this to be able to receive more tasks 🙂 The problem sometimes is, I run out of  idea and topic to blog. I am not attending blog events, this helps a lot in blogging and gaining good blog traffic. Soon, hopefully soon I will be able to attend some.

As the title suggests, I will be a work from home mom soon as I will be taking my maternity leave for two months starting March 12, 2012. Of course, I am not use to doing nothing everyday, I’d like to spend my time in a lucrative way. Thanks blogging and I will be able to do this. With the tasks or assignments I will be receiving, I am able to earn online and that is my work from home job 🙂 I can do this while taking care of our baby. But this does not mean that I will be staying at home forever, of course I also do online jobs while practicing my profession, so when I get back to work, I will still be having an online job.

online job with blogging

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You guys can do this too, just be unique and keep on updating your blog post everyday. As I have said in my blog post before, I may not be a competent blogger, I may not be a famous one, but I know, I am a responsible blogger, I blog with decency, and blogging about me most of the time.

Keep blogging folks!

Till then,